How many low income families can afford their 5-A-day portions?

5 a day

It’s great to see a recent reminder of our 5-A-DAY portions for adults and children by Change4Life, but how many of the families on low incomes in Birmingham can realistically achieve this?

Whether the parents are working or receiving financial support, for many ensuring that their children receive a meal can be a challenge, let alone a balanced diet!

37% of Birmingham children were estimated to be living in poverty after housing costs in the Child Poverty Needs Assessment 2015 based on 2013 figures; which is 12% higher than the national average (25%).

Obviously several fact0rs need to improve at the same time to help families improve the quality of life for our young Birmingham citizens enabling them to have better life chances, such as:

Increase in income

  • Better rates of pay for employees through initiatives like the Living Wage,
  • Fairer equal pay for lone female parents who may be working part time;
  • And effective ways to reduce the impact of the Welfare Reform and Work bill 2015/16 on those receiving benefits.

Individual factors

  • The need to improve cooking skills and knowledge, plus understanding the nutriental benefits of fresh and varied foods.
  • There may even be a lack of storage due to not being able to afford a fridge or even living in temporary accommodation with limited facilities.

Accessibility and affordability

  • Families need to be able to access local affordable shops that have a range of good quality fresh food,
  • Improved transport links, such as affordable public services,
  • Also, parents are physically well enough to make the shopping trips themselves,
  • And food producers need to make sure that goods are at a fair price. Food Statistics Pocket 2015, on page 24 it states that all food groups rose during 2007  -2015 from between 22-42%!

Why not share your views on what else needs to change to give the young people a great healthy start in achieving their potential. Why not contact us : or Twitter @fairbrum



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